Strong storms expected in Eastern Europe and the Balkan Peninsula this week. Timisoara, among the most threatened cities

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Strong local storms are expected in Eastern Europe and the Balkan Peninsula this week, informs, quoted by Locally, floods might be registered, hail will fall and tornadoes may form. Western Romania is under bad weather warning, and the most severe storms could take place in Timisoara.

In the following days rains and storms are expected from northern Greece to Poland, Belarus and western Ukraine. The most violent weather is expected on Wednesday and Thursday in Serbia, western Romania, eastern Hungary and Slovakia and in south-western Ukraine.

The most affected cities by the strongest storms could be Timisoara, Belgrade and Budapest.

The source says damages are expected due to floods and strong winds, which in some areas will exceed 100 kilometres per hour. Locally, tornadoes and hail will occur. The highest risk of tornadoes is in north-eastern Serbia and at the border of Romania with Hungary.

Meteorologists point out that the strong wind will knock down trees and will affect transport.

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