Students invent the future: devices to remotely feed your pet or water your plants or the smart shopping cart

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Computer science students in Cluj-Napoca are „rivaling” in IoT projects ideas within the Internet of Things Student Challenge, the only IoT competition in Romania. 19 teams of students and 6 high school pupils teams are racing to present their innovative ideas and projects.

For instance, a team of students has introduced a device allowing people to remotely feed their pets with the help of a mobile app.

Called the „Pet Feeder”, the device is controlled by a web page or a Android application and can help people who spend a lot of time at their office or who are on holiday to feed their pet. The app also allows people to choose the weight category of the animal-below 10 kilos up to over 50 kilos. How does it work? The app is activated by a little engine which select a certain time frame during which the grains for pets should be dropped in the animals’ bowl.

The app also registers the existing quantity of food and the eaten one, but also the temperatures and moisture in the pet’s room. The students plan to extend the device also with a dispenser to help animals drink water.

Another device presented at the IoT competition is designed to remotely water the plants at home while the owners are away. There is a sensor that feels that the potting soil is not wet enough and which sends an impulse to the pump that, in its turn, sends water to the pot. The owner can select the pomp automatically or manually, including setting the time to which the plants should be watered.

Another team of students displayed the „Smart Basket” project, a smart shopping cart that is following a person in the supermarket and is carrying the bought products. The young inventors say that smart basket saves the customer the trouble to push the cart in the supermarket and to always look after it. The basket is controlled by a mobile app that is managing the driving speed and the distance.

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