Study: One in four generation Z representatives from Romanian urban areas has a negative view of the future

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A quarter of the Romanian youngsters belonging to the Z generation have a rather gloomy perspective of the future, says the KidsFutureMonitor study conducted by Unlock Market Research amongst children and teenagers from Romania’s big cities, as they are considered the audience most exposed to the media influence.

The respondents said that the main concerns when they think about the future are: destruction of nature (24%), pollution (21%), losing humanity due to over – technology (16%), poverty (11%) and people’s turning vicious (10%).

Children’s increasing anxiety on the future makes the Z generation less open to explore and get out of their comfort zone. Specialists worldwide are talking about a new trend, called Staycation, meaning that youth nowadays like to spend more time indoors, at home, in a safe environment, so that they can control it virtually, rather than going out and explore the outside world, as it is perceived like the unknowable full of dangers and they prefer to seek isolation in an inner world, but rich enough to keep them away from boredom.

In the Unlock study, some children used to say that the virtual world is funnier and more safe than the real one and that they prefer stay in there.

Three quarters of the surveyed kids and youngsters have though considered there are positive perspectives in the future, such as the technology development (31%), automation/robotics (28%), people will be kinder (19%), less stress and work (19%), better schools (12%).

The job of the future

Respondents were asked to say what will be the most popular job in the future, in their view. The first mentioned was “robot maker” (39%), followed by digital media specialist (influencer, vlogger,youtuber)- 25%. Only 5 percent of them would like to become an environment expert, although many of them voiced concern over the destruction of the planet.

Self-employment and flexible working hours

Another important result of the study is the attitude of the Z generation towards jobs and work. 33% said they would like to have their own business, 20% to have a flexible job and 18% to have mobile offices, which means children and youngsters today have a growing need to be free and independent, but also they stand among the rest and are less motivated compared to other previous generations.

The study authors said this can be explained by the fact the Z generation had been immediately rewarded as they were used to in the online, which makes this generation be more vulnerable in situations that require a consistent and sustained effort.

The study was conducted based on 44 direct interview with pairs of friends and on 100 online interviews in Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj and Timisoara on respondents aged from 9 to 18.

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