Subway in Presei Square opened to traffic

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The 800-meter long underpass in Presei Square was opened to traffic on Sunday, with the first cars crossing it around  a quarter to nine in the morning. The subway has two entrances and one exit and cost RON 60.4m.

“The subway was inaugurated two months later due to the underground networks found in the area. The underpass is cutting back the traffic by 30 percent. 2,000 cars are estimated to pass each hour,” Bucharest General Mayor Sorin Oprescu told the opening ceremony on Sunday.

The mayor said the traffic would be monitored in the area in the upcoming weeks so that the traffic lights should be adjusted if needed. At the same time mayor Oprescu informed that a pedestrian subway could be built in the area where the former Culture ministry was located.

A pedestrian subway on Presei Square already exists where two elevators for disabled persons would be installed.

The new underpass for cars is located at the crossroads of four highly circulated trunks-Bucuresti-Ploiesti road, Kiseleff road, Marasti Boulevard and Poligrafiei Boulevard.

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