Subway rides up by 33 pc


Prices for a subway ride will rise by 16-33 pc as of March 28, following a decision taken by the Transports minister.

A two-ride subway card will cost RON 5 from RON 4, the ten-ride one will reach to RON 20 from RON 15 and a monthly unlimited pass will cost RON 70 up against RON 60 at present.

The price of a weekly pass will also rise from RON 20 to RON 25 and a daily pass will be RON 8 from RON 6.

The ministry’s draft argues the disposal will lead to Metrorex annual incomes increase up by RON 44 M and implicitly to the decrease of the financing deficits.

The last rise of the subway rides dates back in August 2012.


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