Suceava County Hospital shuts down following high number of COVID-19 infections. Suceava – the biggest coronavirus hot zone in Romania

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Health Ministry has decided today to shut down Suceava County Hospital, with patients being transferred to other medical units. However, the emergency room, which was functioning with doctors from Iasi and private clinics from Suceava, might re-open within 48 hours, after the disinfection.

At leasts 34 doctors and 49 nurses and orderlies from the Suceava County Hospital are infected with coronavirus, according to the latest information released by authorities on Wednesday.

Out of those 233 physicians of the hospital, 34 tested positive for COVID-19. They are now admitted at the Hospital for Infectious Diseases in Suceava. 49 nurses and orderlies are also confirmed positive for coronavirus, they are also hospitalised.

The Health Ministry has also decided that, after disinfection, the Suceava County Hospital should become medical unit to treat coronavirus cases.


The secretary of state within the Health Ministry, Nelu Tataru, stated today that the inquiry at the hospital after the first day of checks had revealed management irregularities and bad decisions regarding the epidemiological inquiries conducted at the hospital.

“We have over coronavirus cases in Suceava and in the neigbouring localities,” the Health official pointed out.

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