Suceava Seat Fortress promoted on 0-euro souvenir banknote


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The image of the Seat Fortress of Suceava (northeastern Romania) is promoted through a 0-euro souvenir banknote, launched by the National Museum of Bucovina in partnership with Eurosuvenir Romania, National Museum of Bucovina announced.

The banknotes are put up for sale at the price of 18 RON, at the presentation stand at the Custodian’s House – The Seat Fortress of Suceava and at the presentation shop of the Suceava History Museum. Upon purchase, the tourists receive the banknote in an envelope with the insignia of the National Museum of Bucovina in which there is also a mini-view with the image of the fortress and a short presentation.

The 0-euro souvenir banknote, with the representation of the Seat Fortress of Suceava, is made in one of the print shops accredited by the European Central Bank, with security features similar to the real banknotes and a unique, attractive, similar, but not confusing design,” the museum says.

The project to promote world-renowned tourist attractions is a trademark registered in France in 2015. Among the tourist attractions promoted so far there are: Sagrada Familia (Barcelona, Spain), the Dome of Cologne (Germany), the Castles of the Loire Valley, the Brandenburg Gate (Berlin, Germany), the Arc de Triomphe (Paris- France).

The tourists spots from Romania that appear on the famous banknotes are the Danube Delta, the Palace of Culture in Iasi, the Alba Carolina Citadel, the Bucegi Massif and the Karolyi Castle in Carei (northwestern Romania).

The Seat Fortress of Suceava 0-euro souvenir banknote was printed with the written approval of the Bank of France and secured to the standards imposed by the European Central Bank, in a circulation of 10,000 copies.

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