Supreme Court head notifies Prosecutor’s Office over SRI protocol

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The head of the Supreme Court (The High Court of Cassation and Justice), Cristina Tarcea has notified the General Prosecutor’s Office over the protocol concluded by the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) with the Prosecutor’s Office and the Supreme Court, arguing the protocol would have been signed amid forgery deeds.

Tarcea’s action comes after the former head of the Supreme Court, Nicolae Popa, has said early this week he hadn’t been the one to have signed the protocol with SRI, arguing he retired before the document had been signed.

Cristina Tarcea said she had suggested Nicolae Popa to notify the Prosecutor’s Office on this issue, mentioning that if Popa doesn’t do it, she will.

We have studied the documents together, Nicolae Popa has also carefully studied the protocol and he told me that, although this is his signature on the protocol, he doesn’t remind when and if he has signed it. He says he hasn’t signed the protocol and suspects his protocol signature had been applied on the document by some manipulations later on. We shall see. I suggested him to file a notification to the Prosecutor’s Office. If he doesn’t notify the prosecutors I will. It’s simple to check by expertise if this is an original signature or not,” Tarcea used to say on Tuesday.

She added that the documents signed by Nicolae Popa are archived after September 1, when he claims he retired.

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