Supreme Court postpones file on Darius Valcov on June 11


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The High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ – Supreme Court) has decided on Tuesday to postpone the file on Darius Valcov, former mayor of Slatina and Finance Minister, in which he was sentenced in first court to 8 years imprisonment for influence peddling and money laundering.

Valcov did not attend the hearings, but sent the court a request for postponement in order to hire a lawyer.

Valcov was indicted in May 2015 for influence peddling and money laundering and for conducting financial operations, as trade activities incompatible with the office, by using the information obtained due to the official position.

DNA argued that in 2009 businessman Theodor Berna, administrator of Tehnologica Radion, contacted Darius Valcov, at the time mayor of Slatina, to ask him for support at the contracting authority – SC Compania de Apa Olt SA – in order to win auctions for works at various objectives in Slatina, Scornicesti, Piatra Olt and Draganesti in exchange for 20% of the collected amounts according to the contracts.

The proposal was made as in November 2008 the Government approved the extension and rehabilitation of water and used water networks in Olt County, with final beneficiary Compania de Apa Olt as regional operator, with European grants.

Five contracts were signed for this project.

DNA claims that during the auctioning procedures, the members of the committee have abusively eliminated from the task book, upon Darius Valcov’s intervention, some eligibility conditions in view of favouring Tehnologica Radion.

Consequently, Tehnologica Radion won the auctions related to the project and signed contracts with Compania de Apa Olt worth RON 78,201,552.

DNA claims that Theodor Berna and Darius Valcov agreed that the amounts of money for the latter to be handed in national currency, cash, at the company’s offices.

Based on this understanding, during January-March 2011, Darius Valcov periodically went to the offices of Tehnologica Radion to receive the overall amount of RON 1,200,000 (3 tranches of RON 400,000 each), the money being handed each time Compania de Apa Olt made payments.

During April-December 2011 Darius Valcov received from Theodor Barna, through the middleman Minel Prima, the amount of RON 2,500,000 (5 tranches of RON 500,000 each).

Moreover, during 2012-2013 Darius Valcov received from the businessman, through the intermediation of several companies, the amount of RON 3,090,000.


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