Survey: 7 out of 10 Romanians go to the mall at least once a week


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7 out of 10 Romanians go to the mall several times a week, according to the latest study carried out by Reveal Marketing Research for Brand Management, the indoor advertising market leader and the first company in the industry whose services have national coverage.

Of these, 3 are women and 4 are men. Although the men are the ones who come to the mall more often, women spend more time per visit. In terms of purchasing habits, men spend 10% more than women (302 lei vs 275 lei).

26% of those who declared that they go to the mall visit between once and three times a month and only 4% go less often than once every 3 months.

73% of gentlemen are present at the mall several times a week, 23% go between once and three times a month, and 4% less than once every three months. Ladies, on the other hand, visit shopping centers often, at the rate of 67%, making 1-3 visits per month at the rate of 29%, and only 4% stated that they go to the mall less than once a quarter.

Romanians spend more than 2 hours in one mall visit

The average time Romanians spend in a mall visit is just over 2 hours (130 minutes), Generation Z (14-25 years) being the one that stands out with over 150 minutes spent in a single shopping session. At the polar opposite is Generation X (43-58 years), with only 116 minutes.

Romanians most often go to malls for shopping (55%) followed by socializing over a coffee (29%), for dining in the food court area (29%), for visiting the hypermarket (18%), walking at the cinema (4%) and paying utility bills & sports (2%).

Those who go shopping buy women’s clothes (18%) or men’s clothes (12%) and cosmetics or perfumes (10%).

Women are the ones who come to the mall to shop (61%), while men, although spending more per session, plan their visits mostly for utilitarian purposes and only 48% for shopping.

The amount spent on average is 300 lei

The average amount spent by Romanians on a visit to the mall is almost 300 lei. The biggest spenders are those in the 36-45 age segment (Millennials), with almost 370 lei, closely followed by Generation X, who buy around 330 lei in a visit to the mall. Generation Z spends the least in a shopping session – only 200 lei.

Also interesting to note is the trend of consumers who, although they buy mostly from online stores, still go to showroom-type shops located in malls to test the products before actually buying them. Among them, Generation Z (46%) stands out.

The survey was conducted on 826 respondents aged 14-60, with mostly medium and higher education and varying incomes, located in Bucharest, Timișoara, Cluj-Napoca, Constanța and Iași.

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