Survey: One third of Romanians thinks highly of the Crown Princess Margareta

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Almost 40 percent of the Romanians have a good and very good opinion about Crown Princess Margareta, reveals an INSCOP survey.

6.1 pc have a very good opinion about her, 33.6 pc a good opinion, 38.8 pc no good or bad opinion, 10.4 pc a bad opinion and 3 pc a very bad opinion.

Regarding the Royal House, 8.8 pc of the respondents have a very good opinion, 35.7 pc a good one, 37.7 pc no good or bad opinion, 9.9 pc a bad opinion and 3 pc a very bad opinion.

INSCOP barometer also shows that in case of a referendum on ruling shift in Romania, 53.3% of the Romanians would vote against monarchy and for the republic (compared to 52.5% in September 2015 and 47.3% in May 2014), while 24.5% would vote for the monarchy (compared to 29.1% in 2015 and 30.2% in 2014). 22 percent of the respondents don’t know the answer or did not answer.

INSCOP-The truth about Romania” barometer was commissioned by “Adevarul” daily and was conducted during March 21-28.

In early Macrch King Mihai I decided to withdraw from public life in the favour of his eldest daughter, Crown Princess Margareta of Romania, after being diagnosed with “chronical leukemia” and “epidermoid carcinoma with metastasis“.

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