Survey: What will Romanians buy this Christmas?


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As the holiday season approaches, a comprehensive survey conducted by Klarna, the AI-powered global payments network and shopping destination, unveils the shopping habits of Romanians, shedding light on what gifts are chosen, how they’re purchased, and for whom.

Best Deals for the Early Birds

The data reveals that 61% of Romanians have started or plan to start their holiday shopping in October or November, with taking advantage of sales and deals as their primary motivation. This proactive approach not only reflects a desire for cost savings but also indicates a strategic mindset in navigating the holiday shopping season.

Gift Recipients – A Personal Touch

In the dynamic landscape of holiday gift-giving, the Klarna survey paints a nuanced picture of generational preferences in Romania. Millennials and Gen Z showcase a heartfelt commitment to family bonds, with 45% and 41%, respectively, intending to allocate the most substantial budgets for children’s gifts. Gen X takes the lead, with 46% expressing a desire to indulge their children during the festive season. Millennials further prioritize partners and spouses, with 43% intending to invest significantly in gifts for them. Notably, Gen Z exhibits a pronounced affection for grandparents, with 16% planning to buy them the most expensive gifts. Meanwhile, Boomers demonstrate a diverse array of recipients, with 31% allocating their most substantial budget for children, showcasing a timeless focus on family relationships during the holiday season.

Smart Spending with Payment Flexibility

When asked about the option to split holiday purchases into equal parts without additional costs or interest, a notable 53 % finds it very or somewhat useful. This emphasizes a growing demand for financial flexibility and smart spending strategies among Romanian consumers.

Amidst the festive buzz, our survey delves into the intricate tapestry of holiday shopping preferences, unveiling intriguing insights across generations. From prioritizing children, partners and spouses, to a collective demand for smarter shopping practices, the data paints a nuanced picture of evolving consumer behaviors. This holiday season, Klarna stands committed to empowering shoppers with choices that resonate with their diverse needs, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for all. As a company dedicated to empowering consumers, we’re attentive to their preferences. Our services, such as Pay in 3, align with the need for flexibility and smart spending, providing an alternative for customers to plan their expenses effectively,” says Lukasz Dwulit, Head of Klarna CEE.

Experiences Over Material Gifts

This holiday season, Romanian consumers are prioritizing experiential gifts, with 44% stating that they do give experiences such as tickets to events, gift cards to restaurants, or vouchers for sports activities. Furthermore, when asked about receiving experiences, 45% express a preference for this type of gifting, emphasizing a desire for memorable moments over material possessions.

AI and the Future of Holiday Shopping

According to the data, 33% of respondents would consider using AI (artificial intelligence) to assist with their holiday shopping this year. A significant portion (22%) remains uncertain or doesn’t know if they would leverage AI for holiday shopping.

As technology continues to play a central role in shopping experiences, 52% of the respondents who said they would use AI to help with their holiday shopping think they would believe that artificial intelligence will be most helpful in providing product/gift recommendations. 55% see AI as a valuable tool for price comparison, and 55% for finding deals and discounts. This signals a growing reliance on technology to streamline and enhance the holiday shopping journey.

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