Surveys: Romanians mostly fear war and economic crisis

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Romanians are afraid of war and economic crisis, while considering corruption and poverty the most serious issues for the country, reveals a survey conducted by the Romanian Institute for Evaluation and Strategies (IRES) during April 17-22.

30 percent of the respondents pointed to corruption as Romania’s main problem, while 28 percent to poverty. 8 pc think that economy’s precarious state is a challenge, 7 pc point to unemployment and 6 pc to the pension system.

70 pc answered they are worried about the environmental damages, 65 pc are worried about poverty and social exclusion, 64 pc fear the insecurity, while 63 pc fear food risks and car crashes.

Regarding short and medium term risks, Romanians mostly fear war and economic crisis. They are also afraid of the rise of unemployment rate and of joblessness.

Another survey, conducted by INSCOP for “Adevarul” daily during April 23-30 unveils quite similar trends. According to INSCOP, more than half of Romanians think the country is heading to a good direction, yet the main concern sources of the population also point to their health aggravation (24 pc), income decrease 18.2 pc), joblessness and the possibility of a war (14.4 pc).

54 percent of Romanians claim they think of tomorrow with self-confidence, while 40.4 pc mistrustfully relate to the upcoming future.

“Women are more trustful of to-come than men (57.6 pc over 50.3 pc). Also, youngsters are more confident in tomorrow (60.1 pc) then elders (49.7 pc). University-educated persons, who generally earn high wages are usually more confident when thinking about tomorrow (60.8 pc) than those less educated,” reads the INSCOP statistics.

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