Suspended mayor of Bucharest Sorin Oprescu can profess as surgeon again

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Suspended mayor of Bucharest who escaped house arrest and is currently investigated under judicial control, has the green light to work as a doctor at the University Emergency Hospital in Bucharest. However, he is banned to leave Bucharest and to exert his position as a mayor, or to attend cultural, sports events and other public gatherings. He also has to go to the Police once a week.

Sorin Oprescu has been placed under judicial control as of January 14 in the file where he is prosecuted for bribe taking, money laundering, abuse of office and setting up an organized criminal group. At the same time, Oprescu can go at food stores and pharmacies in District 1 area or at other hospitals in Bucharest.

Sorin Oprescu has been surgeon at the University Emergency Hospital in Bucharest for many years. He has even run the hospital from 1994 to April 2006. He has suspended himself from the position of hospital manager during the period he had been mayor.

After the court judged his request, Sorin Oprescu argued he had asked for the judicial control so that he could go back to work: “Not at the Bucharest City Hall, that’s for sure! To surgery, where I come from.”

Anti-corruption body prosecuted Oprescu in this file on November 20, with the file is on trial at the Bucharest Tribunal since November 23, 2015.


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