Tarom launched bids to buy three wideboy aircrafts

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Romania’s flag carrier TAROM has launched the procedure to buy three widebody aircrafts through financial or operational leasing, with the bids open until August 31.

The aircrafts must be equipped with two engines, „sisterships”, the current generation of aircrafts providing the lowest possible fuel cost per flight.

As for capacity, the seat number should range from 225 to 270, in two or three classes. All aircrafts must have similar configuration and they must be able to provide a flight autonomy of minimum 5,200 nautical miles (the equivalent of 9,630 kilometers), reads the Tarom announcement.

The aircrafts should not be older than 2012, should have the lowest possible maintenance cost and the shortest duration of holding in scheduled technical servicing works.

On facilities, the aircrafts must be equipped with resting place for the crew, in-flight entertainment, wi-fi and leather-tapestried chairs. The cargo compartment must be bulk-type ventilated and heat-controlled.

The aircrafts should have EASA/FAA certification. The national flag carrier says the terms are negotiable.

In May this year, two Boeing 737-800 aircrafts, baptized “The Great Union” and „Sarmizegetusa have entered Tarom fleet.

Tarom will operate four-five flights to China and USA, Tarom commercial manager used to announced in May. Its fleet currently has 23 aircrafts, 21 its own and 2 rented.

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