Taxi fares up as of next week in Bucharest and Ilfov


Taxi fares will increase as of next week to RON 1.70 per km for all taxis in Bucharest and Ilfov County. The measure should have been enforced since October 1, but the cab companies have postponed the decision due to the large number of cars.

Only two taxi companies have increased the fares from RON 1.39 to RON 1.69 and RON 1.70 per km. As of Monday until October 20, all the other companies will raise their fares.

“This time it is not a rumour. Fares will be increased by everyone, but it’s a matter of changing the software of the meters and of displaying the new tariffs on the doors – there are a few thousand cars. This is the reason for which the fares haven’t been increased since October 1, but we have the deadline on October 20 for completing these tasks,” a representative of a taxi company has said, informs.

The companies that now have fares higher than RON 1.70/km will not increase them along with the companies that will shift as of October 20 from RON 1.39 to RON 1.70/km.

“The decision to increase fares was made as a result of the increase of the excise duty on fuel. We will bring into line to the market prices. In Bucharest, however, the fare was small anyway, and now (since October 1), given the higher excise duties, it would have become very low. We will increase our fares,” a representative of a taxi company has said.

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