Teachers to protest in Bucharest on Children’s Day


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The negotiations between the education trade unions and the representatives of the Labour Ministry have failed on Monday so, the teachers announced they would initiate several protest actions in Bucharest on June 1st.

The trade union met the Labour ministry’s representatives for a new round of negotiations on their wages. The trade union leaders are discontent with the Government’s proposition and told local news agencies they would stage several protests on Wednesday.

The leader of the FSLI (Free Education Trade Unions Federation), Simion Hancescu says the Government proposed amendments of 5 % in the wage grid, which would mean rises only for a part of the teachers.

“We tabled a salary rise of 10% as of January 1, 2017 or 5% as of August 2016 and another 5% starting January 2017. The government’s proposal was only 5%,” he said.

The teachers will march in Bucharest in a protest also attended by pupils and parents.

The Alma Mater Trade Union leader, Anton Hadar says that all education units in the country are ready to come to Bucharest for the protest meeting. Around 15,000 teachers are expected to take to the street on Wednesday, right on the Children’s International Day.

Trade unions say that they could cancel the protest only if the Government comes up with an acceptable solution.


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