Teaching staff, discontent about wage rises, consider strike


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The employees in education are dissatisfied with the level of salaries and say that the increase they would receive is about 65 lei, which is considered humiliating. Under these conditions, they are considering initiating protests, the education unions announced today.

67% of those who answered a questionnaire in this regard agree with the general strike of January 10, and 77% of respondents support the postponement of the end of the school situation in the first semester.

The Federation of Free Trade Unions in Education, the Federation of Trade Unions in Education “SPIRU HARET” and the National Trade Union Federation “Alma Mater” launched a referendum earlier this week to establish protests against non-compliance with Framework Law no. 153/2017.

The questionnaire, conducted on December 13-21 among education staff, to see their perception of the Government’s decision to freeze salaries in 2022, also indicated that 77.8% of respondents agree with the “extension” of the end of the school situation in the first semester, and 40.8% of the respondents are thinking of changing their job and getting a job in another field.

On Wednesday, between 13.00 and 15.00, education trade unions picketed in front of the Government,while some county unions will continue on Thursday, December 23, the picketing of the Prefectures.

More than 30,000 non-teaching staff in the country benefit from the guaranteed minimum gross salary in the country, although, since the declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic, these employees have carried out other types of activities unrelated to those specific to their job. At the same time, education staff are the only category of public servants who do not receive bonuses for working conditions,” the trade union argued.

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