Tel Drum managers, prosecuted by DNA for unfairly obtaining European funds

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Petre Pitiş, Director General of Tel Drum, Nedea Florea, Deputy Director, and Mircea Vişan, employee of the company, are investigated by the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) for fraudulently obtaining European funds, along with Ioan Florian, representative of WFA IMPEX SRL. The damages amount to more than RON 4 million.

Tel Drum, as legal person, is being investigated for fraudulently obtaining European funds, whereas WFA Impex SRL for complicity in the crime.

The concrete allegations are misuse or misrepresentation of documents or false, inaccurate or incomplete statements, if the act has the effect of obtaining undue European funds and complicity in the crime.

The case was opened at the notification of the National Office for the Prevention and Control of Money Laundering, with suspicions regarding the activity of some companies, which during 2016 have allegedly used a scheme for illicit obtaining of European funds by overvaluation of the price of certain equipment.

It is about the acquisition by Tel Drum of a “mobile asphalt mixing station to increase the economic competitiveness of SC Tel Drum SA,” funded by European funds, acquired in 2015. Subsequently, in 2016, following the filing of the repayment application, the company received the amount of RON 4,170,462.5 from European funds.

“As a result, by this project of funding, SC Tel Drum SA, through its representatives Vişan Mircea and Petre Pitiş and with the help of the legal person WFA Impex SRL and Neda Florea and Ion Florian, simulated the procedure by which it acquired the mobile asphalt mixing station. As a result of the procurement procedure, it was revealed that the winning bidder was WFA Impex Ltd. In reality, this company has an affiliation relationship with Tel Drum, being interposed between the supplier of the equipment and Tel Drum, for the sole purpose of artificially increasing the purchase price of the equipment and, consequently, of increasing the non-refundable amount obtained by Tel Drum SA. Moreover, Tel Drum SA conducted direct negotiations with the supplier, including about the offer that the supplier was going to hand over to WFA Impex SRL and offered to the winning company SC WFA Impex SRL information on the procedures of awarding the contract, before the publication of the notice on the website,” the prosecutors say.

More specifically, prosecutors say that the Tel Drum request for reimbursement in February 2016 reportedly contained “inaccurate data on compliance with public procurement rules and on the compliance of the equipment with the project’s objectives (given that the delivered equipment lacked some components that were explicitly mentioned in the business plan and in the overall project).

“The beneficiary of the Tel Drum SA project used in bad faith false, inaccurate and incomplete documents and statements, namely the statements regarding the lack of conflict of interests, although there is a personal relationship between Pitiş Petre, Neda Florea and Ion Florian and an affiliation relationship between Tel Drum SA and WFA Impex SRL. The documents concerning the equipment’s procurement procedure was simulated both in respect of compliance with the rules of conduct and as regards the designation of the winning bidder and the price. Hence, Tel Drum SA unfairly obtained RON 4,170,462.50 representing the eligible non-reimbursable expenditure from European funds.”

The investigated individuals arrived at the DNA headquarters on Friday, where they were informed about the allegations.

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