Teleworking law, adopted. Labour inspectors to conduct home checks

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Labour minister Olguta Vasilescu said on Wednesday that the adoption of teleworking law by the Chamber of Deputies will allow every person working on a computer to do it from home. She explained that the Territorial Labour Inspectorate will be able to conduct home checks.

According to the minister, the law has been drafted based on the pattern in Japan and any person working on a computer will be able to work from home and to have all rights as any other employee with a labour contract.

Vasilescu explained that the home can be practically turned into a kind of office and the Territorial Labour Inspectorate can make home visits to check if the labour security norms are observed. “It’s the same like working to a office in a company, only that you can do it from home,” the minister added.

She pointed out that “video chat activities are not covered by this law.”

More and more companies worldwide have integrated teleworking as a part of the work culture. Teleworking, or telecommuting, basically allows employees to work from home and have remote access to the office network. Your desktop or laptop will appear as it does at work. Employees usually communicate through email and teleconferencing. Teleworking is seen as a way through which companies can increase production and reduce costs. For instance, companies can cut expenses on office renting space, while employees can save money on gas (if we talk about their own cars) or on transportation.

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