Temperatures of up to 26 degrees C during the next two weeks

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During the next two weeks, the temperatures will fall in a first stage, then will grow up to 25-26 degrees Celsius. The highest temperatures will be registered in Banat, Moldavia and Oltenia, the meteorologists inform on Monday. In Oltenia precipitations are expected on almost daily basis.

In Banat and Crisana temperatures will fall to 18C until May 15, then the weather will warm up to reach 25C on May 19-20. Frequent precipitations are expected, most important ones on May 14-16 and May 15-17 respectively.

In Transylvania, the temperatures will range between 20-22C until May 19, will reach 23C during May 19-21, with lows of 8-10C. High atmospheric instability, important precipitations on May 15-18. The trend will be the same in Maramures, with lows of 9-10C and important precipitations during May 15-17.

In Moldavia – no important variations of temperature, with regional average of 22-24C and lows of 10-12C. Higher atmospheric instability mainly in the first week of the interval, mainly during May 16-19.

In Dobrogea, temperatures will grow slightly until May 19, up to 22C, while in the second week the variations will be insignificant. Lows of 11-12C and of 13-14C in the second week. Important rainfalls around May 19.

In Muntenia the highest temperatures will be registered, with averages of 21-23C and in the second week of 24-26C. Higher instability in the first part of the interval, with precipitations mainly during May 15-17. Fewer precipitations in the second week. In Oltenia the trend will be almost similar, with daily precipitations on large areas, mainly during May 14-17.

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