Temporary passport issued to Adrian Coman after MAE had denied new passport to him for “being married to a man”

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The new Romanian FM Bogdan Aurescu has disposed a new passport to be released to the Romanian citizen Adrian Coman who won a case against the Romanian state so that his marriage to his gay partner should be recognized. Now, Coman, who lives in U.S., had claimed that the Romanian Foreign Ministry had denied to release a new passport for him, as he was married to a man.

Yesterday, Adrian Coman went to the Romanian General Consulate in New York and filed the documents and received a temporary passport so that he can vote for the presidential election in Romania this weekend.

Adrian Coman is married to a same-sex person in the United States, and the Romanian state argued it could not give him a passport because his marriage has no correspondent in the Romanian legislation.

Coman told an interview to RFI recently that he had filed a complaint , but the court hearing was supposed to take place only on November 11, meaning the next day after the first round of presidential election.

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