Ten dead, seven seriously injured in Ialomita, Romania in one of the biggest car crash of the past years

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Ten people have died and other seven have been seriously injured in a car accident in Ialomita county, between Slobozia and Urziceni on Saturday morning. The red intervention plan was triggered after a truck has crashed into a van full of passengers.

Most of the victims were women, employed at Mega Image supermarket and they were coming to work in Bucharest when the tragedy occurred. The women who survived are seriously injured, with major injuries and in a unstable condition. The youngest survivor is 19 years old. Six of the injured were brought to Bucharest.

Investigations are hampered because both of the drivers had died as well. An expertise is under way to establish the speed of both vehicles. Anyway, it was raining in that area on Saturday and the road was wet.

Romania is the only country in the EU with the highest insecurity on roads, reporting the highest number of accidents.

With 96 deaths/1 million inhabitants, Romania registered in 2018 the highest rate of car accidents claiming lives in the European Union. The rate of deadly car accidents in our country is double than the EU average.

This year in March, the European Parliament announced it is backing new measures to improve road safety and reduce road accidents. The rules would make a number of safety features compulsory in new cars.

President, Transport minister embark on row

After the accident, president Klaus Iohannis has argued the lack of infrastructure kills, the same way as corruption kills, blaming the PSD governments in the past years for not developing road infrastructure projects. In retort, Transport minister Razvan Cuc accused the head of state of “walking over dead bodies” after the terrible accident in Ialomita.

“This morning (Saturday) I’ve got a shattering message that made me very sad. I am terribly sorry. What can we understand? That the lack of infrastructure is killing, too, like the corruption also kills. This murderous recklessness of PSD is costing lives, the lives of the Romanians. We need this infrastructure. The idea of highways is not just a political ambition, it isn’t a whim under any circumstances,” President Iohannis said.

“PSD is the main responsible for Romania is lagging behind, Romanians would have been much further without PSD,” he concluded.

In retort, Transports minister Razvan Cuc has accused Iohannis of “walking on dead bodies” for electoral purposes and that the tragedy in Ialomita is just an opportunity for the head of state to gain more votes.

As for the accident itself, the minister announced further measures to be taken to scan the retina of truck drivers to detect if they might be tired.

The associations of professional drivers fired back though, accusing the minister of political propaganda, saying it’s not tired drivers to blame here, but rather the lack of infrastructure.

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