Tens of thousands protested in Bucharest, other cities in support for the magistrates’ boycott, against the gov’t, in the largest rally after the August 10 one


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Tens of thousands have taken to the streets again in Bucharest and several big cities in Romania, like Cluj-Napoca or Sibiu against the ruling coalition’s moves to amend the justice laws again. The mobilisation has been significant, the largest protest since the Diaspora rally on August 10, 2018,

Protesters asked for the abrogation of the GEO 7 amending the justice laws, but also for the Government’s resignation and early elections.

“Justice, not corruption! Tudorel, resignation! Repeal and leave!“, were the main slogans shouted by the protesters.

Mass media estimated that at least 10,000 people attended the protest staged in Victoriei Square in Victoriei Square, while over 5,000 people took to the streets in Sibiu and over 5,000 Cluj-Napoca. Similar rallies took place in Iasi, Brasov, Timisoara, Oradea and Galati.

Politicians from the Opposition, leaders of the USR-PLUS Alliance 2020, including Dacian Ciolos, Vlad Voiculescu and Dan Barna, were also attending the rally in Bucharest, as well as known actors, influencers, journalists, the 102-yera-old philosopher Mihai Sora, etc.

Protesters shouted “Romania, wake up!”, “Resignation”, “We fight for justice, they fight for corruption”, and a lot of anti-PSD messages. Demonstrators also claimed that the special section set up to investigate magistrates is just intimidating magistrates and that is affecting the independence of justice. “Good for them, good for the magistrates“, protesters shouted in solidarity with the those judges and prosecutors’ representatives who refused PM Dancila’s invitation to come for negotiations after the ordinance amending the justice laws has been already adopted without their being consulted. “Kovesi, don’t forget, the country is on your side”, reads another slogan.

The protests have been peaceful and in Bucharest traffic has been restricted in the Victoriei Square area.

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