Tens of thousands take to the streets again in Romania. Protests in Bucharest, other 80 cities

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Romanians took to the streets again on Sunday this evening, starting 6 p.m., with ample protests staged in Bucharest and other 80 cities in Romania or abroad. The manifestations are organized by 42 NGOs and civic groups and by BNS and Cartel Alfa trade union confederations.

Similar protests also took in Milan, Zurich, Birmingham and Paris.

There were more about 10,000 people attending the protest in the Capital by 20:30, 1,000 in Brasov, 1,500 in Cluj-Napoca and about 5,000 protesters in Sibiu.

Those about 10,000 protesters in Bucharest gathered in Victoriei Square, in front of the Government HQs and then marched to the Parliament, also making stopovers in front of the Constitutional Court building and of the Justice Ministry, asking for the resignation of the resort minister, Tudorel Toader.

Protesters were shouting “A nation voting the corrupt people, thieves and traitors is no victim, is accomplice“, “The new Tax Code-the new order of the loot“, “There won’t be peace without social justice“, while chanting “Thieves”, “PSD, the red plague” or “Down with Tariceanu, Dragnea and all brood“.

There were also some tensed moments, after several mounted gendarmes tried to make a cordon in order to prevent protesters from advancing from Victoriei Square to Romana Square, with some people getting scare of the animals.

Romanians ask for the justice laws’ withdrawal, for the veto of the Tax Code amendments in Parliament and for the removal of the speakers of the Parliament.

Organizers also say that the current ruling is responsible of the fact that Romania is in one of the most concerning moments of its post-communist history, comparable to the miners’ riots in the 90s, and with the financial crisis and the salary cuts in 2010.

PSD-ALDE have speeded up to the final stage to adopt the justice laws: accelerated timetable in Parliament, massive mobilization in the committees, forcing parliamentary procedures. They talk about the parallel state. The reality is that Romania is ending up being a captured state,” the initiators of the protests say.

The political seizure of the justice system, the state being seized by a political mafia, which is loosening the anti-corruption legislation, to get away of the legal responsibility, the Government’s political and institutional war against the civil society, the attacks of the parliamentary majority against the NATO and EU allies, the fiscal chaos and the accelerated depreciation of the Ron, the price rises and the increase of budget deficit will actually throw Romania outside the European Union and NATO.

The consequences of the governmental decision today will haunt tens of years from now on, will place us in the area of the political authoritarianism, of the public money theft and of the poverty,” the appeal also reads.

Former technocrat premier Dacian Ciolos and the members of the National Liberal Party also announced they joined protests this evening. 101-year-old philosopher Mihai Sora was also seen among the protesters in Alba Iulia.

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