Terrible blunder: Young man dead in the Colectiv fire summoned to the Police

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Mihai-Alexandru Iancu, one of the 64 youngsters who died in the “Colectiv” tragic fire, received a summons by the Police at his parents’ house. He died five months ago in hospital due to the severe burns.

The information was revealed by his father on Facebook: “Is Piedone (ex-District 4 mayor) running again? This is nothing, it’s one more piece of news received today, we live in Romania after all. I received an invitation to the Police, on my dead child’s name. Well done, congratulations to the Interior Ministry, I am glad you reminded me in what sort of country we are living in,” the boy’s father, Eugen Iancu wrote on Facebook.

Eugen Iancu is running the association “Colectiv GTG 3010”, set up by the relatives of the Colectiv fire’s victims, as well as by the survivors of the deadly blaze.

The Colectiv association’s representatives claim that authorities had lied to them and that many injured had been infected in hospitals and they had not been transferred to other medical units abroad in due time.

The Colectiv association also firmly protested against Cristian Popescu Piedone’s candidature for a new term at the helm of the District 4 city hall” on the ground that his resignation took place against the drama from the Colectiv nightclub.

Considering that the fire has been one of the biggest catastrophe with a massive inflow of burnt people not only in the national history, but also in the recent international one, we doubt that he can be in charge in a position where he should be responsible for the daily safety of such a large number of citizens in the District 4,” reads the association’s press release.

Cristian Popescu Piedone on Wednesday informed on Facebook that he had filed his candidature to run for the District 4 Bucharest City Hall, although he had announced that he stepped aside following the Colectiv tragedy. He is criminally prosecuted in this case.

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