The 15yo teen girl who died in Sibiu while making a selfie would have killed herself after playing the Blue Whale game


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Turnabout in the case of the 15-year-old teen girl who died in Sibiu while making a selfie on top of a ten-floor block of flats. Prosecutors investigating her case say that she apparently committed suicide, as she was playing the “Blue Whale” controversial game.

“The girl downloaded the Blue Whale game on her mobile phone and used the nick name ‘vovo_666’. She had several posts on Facebook and Instagram which disclosed that she was doing the game, and she also posted some images directly hinting to the suicide actions. Considering all these aspects, investigators established that the death of VDS was not accidental, but a suicide act determined by persons unidentified until now (…),” reads a press release issued by the Prosecutor’s Office upon the Sibiu Tribunal on Wednesday.

The 15yo teen girl climbed the ten-story building downtown Sibiu, together with some friends and two teachers from her school, to admire the city’s view and to take photos. At some point, the girl leant on the balcony’s balustrade from the ninth floor and fell down from height, while allegedly taking a selfie. She died on the spot.

The Brasov Prosecutor’s Office upon the Supreme Court took over the case, as it handles an ongoing extended investigation on the controversial game.

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