The 40 miners at Energy Complex Oltenia on hunger strike give up protest


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The 40 miners and employees at the Oltenia Energy Mining Union (SMEO) with the Energy Complex Oltenia (CEO), who started the hunger strike on Tuesday, demanding salary increases and a promotion fund, have given up the protest.

Protesters have decided to give up the hunger strike after negotiations with the company representatives by midnight.

SMEO unionists say they were promised wage increases to be granted in December.

“We have ended the protest after midnight, at about 1.00h. We had a meeting with the management, and it was established that a promotion fund would be set up in December and all employees will benefit from a wage bonus, as of December, meeting the salary fund. General Director Sorin Boza also attended the talks. When he arrived, about 80 people were protesting. We did not ask for anything except the legal provisions and the salary fund,” Gabriel Căldăruş, SMEO leader said.

In turn, the president of the Solidarity 2013 trade union claims that only low-wage employees will benefit from these wage increases.

“There will be a cap on those earning more than RON 4,000 they will not receive anything more. Not everyone will get increases, only those with low wages,” Nicu Bunoiaca, president of the Solidarity 2013 trade union said.

Tens of employees with the Energy Complex Oltenia went on hunger strike on Tuesday, protesting against the way negotiations with the management are unfolding, on the issue of increasing the wages as of January 1, 2018. The protest is organised in front of the company in Targu Jiu.

Asked what would make them put an end to the hunger strike, the trade union leader said the protesters expect concrete decisions, not promises.

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