The Association Zi de Bine continues its campaign #scutpentruspitale

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At one month anniversary, the Association Zi de Bine, curator of social causes, changes its original concept of supporting one cause per month for 12 months. Taking into account the context of the coronavirus pandemic “On your birthday, help a man rise” will become for an indefinite period “#scutpentruspitale”. All funds raised by the association will be directed to hospitals in Petroşani, Sinaia, Rădăuți, Craiova, Buzau, Suceava, Targu Mureş, Brașov, Campulung and Bucharest, in the form of materials they need to fight the virus safely.

Melania Medeleanu, Association Zi de bine, says: “What if every man got involved and donated to the hospital in city or town where he was born or lives now, doing something that gives him meaning, something that will help at this point so unusual but that will remain for the benefit of all community for the years to come? The creative concept of the initial campaign “Who is born in April, May, June” becomes these days “Who is born in Petroşani, Sinaia, Rădăuți, Craiova, Buzau, Suceava, Campulung, Bucharest, Brașov or Targu Mureș”.

The fundraising campaign #scutpentruspitale continues as long as it takes, in an attempt to protect those on the front line, the most exposed among us: doctors, nurses, stretcher-bearers. The association calls on local communities, citizens and companies, to help as they can, through donations of materials or cash donations, from which it will purchase the necessary equipment and send it to hospitals.


The Association Zi de Bine has compiled a list of medical equipment, requirements for 12 hospitals that need help, a list which aims to cover with the support of donors, individuals or companies.

The list includes essential products such as: medical beds, treatment tables, UV wipers, laryngoscopes, intubation kits, mechanical ventilation equipment, syringe pumps, surgical vacuum cleaners, decontamination booths, rapid tests for COVID, suction probes, ventilation system filters, protective combinations, single-use waterproof medical gowns, waterproof medical aprons, surgical masks, protective masks, all sizes of single gloves latex use with or without powder, goggles, liquid soap, contactless thermometers, pulsometers, disposable bots, UV lamps, disinfection solutions for surfaces and objects, and more.


With a simple text message with the text SUS at 8862 you can make a donation to help small hospitals in communities such as Petroşani, Sinaia, Rădăuți, Craiova, Buzau, Suceava, Targu Mureş, Brașov, Campulung and Bucharest.

Contributions may also be made by bank transfer to the following accounts:

BCR RO56RNCB0092166359160001, cont in RON

RON: RO61BACX0000002013736000
EUR: RO34BACX0000002013736001
USD: RO07BACX0000002013736002

You can donate your birthday on Galantom (over 60 people have already donated their day) and companies can make sponsorships, the contract is prefilled and can be downloaded from our website:

“We would like to thank more than 25 companies that have joined us so far: Unicredint Bank, Vodafone, Ikea Romania, Dexion Romania, Elpis Foundation, Elcate SRL, Brinco Serv SRL, Cosmopolitan, KRS KRUMSEM, Ultra Training SRL, Waters Technologies Romania, Satori Venture SRL, Kronospan, Kronlux Fm SRL, Barenburg Romania SRL, TIMAC Agro Romania, Subcetate Apartments, Svelt Consulting SRL, Sagitarius Consulting SRL, Euro Building Creative SRL, Alina Sorcoiu, WebDigital, Obsidian Jewelry, DyFashion.Ro, Igloo media, Karcher Professional, but also to the nearly 30,000 people who donated from the first days of the campaign”, adds Melania Medeleanu.


One month after its launch, the Association Zi de Bine makes the balance sheet:

  • They have managed to raise in just 15 days 50,000 euros for the cause of March – Blondie House for sick children abandoned in the Neonatal Department of Marie Curie Hospital.
  • In just 10 days since the launch of the second cause, #scutpentruspitale, they have raised almost 300,000 euros from more than 30,000 donors, individuals and companies. With this money, Zi de bine has already supported the Brasov Infectious Disease Hospital, where it sent 2,000 FFp2 masks, 300 combinations, 400 goggles and 6 visors, 500 diagnostic tests, bedding for 100 beds. Two containers rented for 2 months also arrived in Brasov, with two more to be purchased and donated to the hospital. For hospitals in Rădăuți, Targu Mureş, Sinaia, Petroşani, Campulung, Craiova, Buzau and Bucharest were sent 1,000 ffp1 masks, nearly 25,000 liters of disinfectant and 10,000 surgical gloves. They will also purchase high-performance mechanical ventilation machines, monitors, pulsoximeters etc.


Information about how to make donations can be found on the Association website – and on the Facebook page –

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