The aviation incident in Cluj. Damaged lights at the airport

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The investigation into the failed landing on Cluj-Napoca Airport revealed that the lights at the airport were out of order. A dialogue between the control tower and the pilots revealed this detail, according to
Investigation into the landing on Cluj-Napoca Airport revealed that the runway had faulty lights. A dialogue between the control tower and the pilots revealed this detail.
Before the landing at Cluj Napoca Airport, the control tower announced the planes ready to takeoff that the runway lights were not working.
The recordings obtained by Digi 24 reveal that the operating control tower repeatedly sent the message “we have a malfunction in lights on the runway and on the taxistrip” to many pilots. Supposedly, the message could not reach the pilot of the Blue Air aircraft.
Until they heard the emergency code, the traffic controllers did not react in any way to the pilots warnings that they went out of the runway.
Former pilot Roberto Iliescu said that without lights, the pilots could not land on the airport.
“The lights are very important for takeoff and for landing. Without them we could not land on an airport. Why this information was made available to other companies and this plane was not informed? The information received by the pilot when he left from Otopeni was that the runway conditions were average to good, although the conditions were minimal. After the incident, the runway condition has deteriorated so the airport was to be closed. There are issues we cannot overlook, these are very serious problems. This should not have happened. Why did they keep the plane on holding for 30 minutes? They have not informed the pilot. He had time to return to Bucharest, he could have flown to a second airport. It’s a continuous negligence,” the pilot said.
A Blue Air airliner Boeing 737 with 116 passengers onboard, which was operating a charter flight from Bucharest, went off the runway on Thursday at the International Airport ‘Avram Iancu’ in Cluj.
The Blue Air aircraft, which went off the runway 5-10 meters at the airport in Cluj-Napoca, has conducted the landing in difficult weather conditions with snow and snow deposited on the track surface.

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