The best and the worst cities to live in Romania

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What are the best and the worst cities to live in Romania? According to a study conducted by and D&D Research, the Romanian cities boasting the highest quality of life are Brasov, Cluj-Napoca and Oradea, while the worst cities to live in are Resita, Alexandria and Vaslui. Bucharest ranks ninth.

The research has analysed the Romanians’ perception on the prices in their city/district, reported to incomes.

On the regions’ ranking, Transylvania is considered the area posting the most advantageous cost of living, followed by Bucharest&Ilfov, Oltenia, Banat, with Moldavia, Dobruja and Muntenia have the lowest scores.

In Bucharest, those over 16,000 respondents consider that Titan, Salajan and Balta Alba are the districts with the most beneficial cost of living. On the opposite side, they see 1 Mai, Vitan and Obor the district with too high prices compared to their salaries.

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