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The Bucharest Bar to discuss request on Ponta’s ousting on August 23

Recently stripped of his PhD title, former PM Victor Ponta risks being ousted from the Bar.

MEP Monica Macovei on Tuesday asked again for Ponta’s immediate ousting from the Bucharest Bar after he had been stripped of his PhD title.

Macovei’s request will be discussed in the first meeting of the Bar, due on August 23.

According to law 51/1995 on the lawyer profession, the quality of lawyer ends “by the written resignation, by death, if the lawyer has been ousted from the profession as disciplinary sanction, if the lawyer has been sentenced for a criminal charge.”

In Victor Ponta’s case, he might be ousted from the Bar following a disciplinary sanction, a decision that might be taken by the Bucharest Bar council if the court decides by final ruling to withdraw his PhD title.

MEP Monica Macovei argues that the former premier cannot be lawyer anymore as he joined the Bar precisely because he had a PhD in law.

“Ponta cannot be lawyer anymore for he joined the Bar just because he had a PhD in law without sitting for an examination. The PhD title has been withdrawn, so he cannot remain in the Bucharest Bar not for a single moment,” Macovei said.

The MEP had requested for Ponta’s being kicked out of the Bar also in January 2015.

Education minister Mircea Dumitru on Monday signed the decree withdrawing the PhD title granted to former PM Victor Ponta in 2003, the ministry’s officials announced. The former premier can challenge the decision to court.

The minister’s decree says that “the PhD title in law granted to Mr. Victor Viorel Ponta by the University of Bucharest by the order of the Education, Research and Youth Ministry on December 15, 2003 is being withdrawn.”

The National Council for Attesting Titles, Diplomas and Certificates (CNATDCU) on July 27 rejected former PM Ponta’s appeal against the council’s decision to withdraw his PhD title. The decision is to be signed by the Education minister.

“CNATDCU general council rejected the appeal with 37 votes out of 47. In other words, the decision maintains the report of the analysis committee that observed the plagiarism of the PhD dissertation and proposed the withdrawal of the PhD title,” said the Education ministry’s spokesperson, Mirabela Amarandei.

The former premier filed the appeal and the CNATDCU, and a committee consisting in three members of the Council will analyze the request. The members don’t have to be in conflict of interests with one of the involved parties.

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