The Church, tax exempted in the new Tax Code

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2016 will not bring changes to the priests, as they will still not have to give a tax receipt for candles, weddings and christenings, reports.
The new Tax Code introduces new exemptions from taxes for religious cults in Romania, without adding any extra tax. All religions will enjoy next year new tax incentives, in addition to the current exemptions.
The representatives of religious cults will be exempted from tax for the amounts cashed in from the sale of land, of buildings and of cars that they used in economic activities, provided that those amounts are to be used for the maintenance and operation of religious units.
“Under the new Tax Code, as of 2016 the religious cults will not be taxed for any income from the sale or any other form of transfer or alienation of assets such as land, buildings, machinery and others, even if they were used in economic activities,” explained Eugenia Ion, tax manager with Contexpert Consulting.

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