The cities with the most educated Romanians


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​Two out of five Romanians (40.5%) have a low level of education, i.e. they either did not graduate from any school or were limited to no more than eight classes. According to the 2022 census data, 43.5% of those reviewed have an average level of education (post-high school, high school, professional or technical foreman), and 16% a higher one.

In the Municipality of Bucharest live the most university graduates relative to the number of inhabitants, 35.1%, more than double the national average. In the top follows Ilfov – 25.16%, Cluj – 24.62%, Timiș -22.06%, Brașov – 20.78%, Constanța -18.28%, Sibiu – 18.07%, Bihor – 16.64 %, Iasi – 16.16%, Dolj -16.09% and Argeș – 16.07%.

The county with the lowest percentage of graduates of a form of higher education is Vaslui – 7.24%, followed by Călărași – 7.24% and Botoșani – 7.95%.

One out of two inhabitants of Giurgiu and Vaslui does not even have eight classes 

At the opposite pole, i.e. with the lowest level of education, is Giurgiu county. More than half of those reviewed, i.e. 51.59%, either did not graduate at all, or completed four or eight grades at most. And in Vaslui the percentage is 50.27%. Călărași – 49.92%, Ialomita – 48.68% and Vrancea – 48.17% have similar quotas. Overall, the national average of 40.5% of Romanians who have a low level of education is exceeded by 26 counties.

In Bucharest, only 28.4% of those reviewed have a low level of education.

Counties where one in two inhabitants has secondary education 

Gorj is the county where more than half of the inhabitants have an average level of education, 51.72%, i.e. they have completed a form of post-secondary, high school, professional or technical foreman education. Similar percentages are in Olt – 50.1%, Vâlcea, 50.01%, Argeș – 49.15% and Hunedoara – 48.22%.

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