The coldest morning of this winter reported at Intorsura Buzaului


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The coldest morning since the beginning of winter, the lowest temperature has been recorded at Întorsura Buzăului today, where it was minus 26 degrees Celsius.

The weather will be particularly cold, with highs between minus 9 degrees north and 3 degrees south. During the day, it will be sunny in most of the country, only in Dobrogea there will be lightning. Towards afternoon, however, the snow will cover the northern half and the mountain area. Strong winds will blow snow at high altitudes in the southern massifs.

From Wednesday, the weather will get warmer, so the weekend will become warm for the end of January.

In the Capital, at noon, the maximum will not exceed 3 degrees Celsius. The sky will be variable, but it will gradually become cloudy towards the afternoon.

In the coming days, it will be warm so that on the eve of the weekend the weather will become warm for the end of January. 10 degrees will be recorded. There will be a little bit cloudy and slight rainfall.

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