The Court of Accounts notified over the Presidency’s irrigation system

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MEP Sebastian Bodu notified the Court of Accounts regarding the bid launched by the Romanian Presidency in order to buy a new irrigation system, worth over EUR 500,000.

As the Presidential Administration started the proceedings to buy a new irrigation system for the Cotroceni Palace’s garden, whose value is almost RON 2.4 million (meaning about EUR 533,000) without VAT, I notified Romania’s Court of Accounts to probe into the legality and the opportunity of this acquisition from public money,” Bodu said.

The MEP claims that the price of an irrigation system needed to the Presidential Administration is actually much lower than the one estimated by the presidential staff.

It’s a just equipment of an irrigation system for the vegetation, whose cost on the market is around 3 to 5 euros per square metre, according to the quality of the system. As the green area of the Cotroceni Palace’s garden is about 2 hectares, it means that the maximum value of the system cannot exceed EUR 100,000, plus the assembling, which mounts to a total of EUR 200,000. Considering that there is already an older irrigation system, it’s obvious that a new one doesn’t mean you start from scratch: the ditches, the waste channels or the flexible pipes can be kept,” Bodu argued.

The Romanian Presidency informed several days ago that it published the call for bids in the e-public procurement system to buy an irrigation system for the maintenance of the gardens at Cotroceni Palace, worth RON 2.4 million without VAT.

The Presidency argues that a new irrigation system is needed as the existing one, designed in 1979, generates high energy costs.

The contract for the irrigation system stipulates around RON 2.25 million expenses for the actual investment, RON 27,500 for the building yard and almost RON 113,000 for ‘various, unforeseen expenses’ such as potential technical transformations, equipment or facilities needed during the investment progress, or maintenance expenses if the work is interrupted, reads the Presidency’ s bid.

The bidder must not have been sentenced for fraud, corruption, money laundering or other criminal deeds in the past 5 years. At the same time, the bidder companies have to report an overall average turnover for the past three years (2013, 2014, 2015) at least equal to RON 4,5 million.

The deadline for submitting the bids is April 1st.

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