The file of 2009 electoral campaign financing sent back to the Supreme Court

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Bucharest Court of Appeal on Wednesday sent the 2009 elections financing file back to the High Court of Cassation and Justice (Romania’s Supreme Court), arguing it has not material authority to judge the case where former Tourism minister Elena Udrea and Ioana Basescu (ex-president Basescu’s eldest daughter) are charged for financing the electoral campaign of the presidential elections from 2009.

Initially, the National Anti-corruption Directorate sent the file to the Supreme Court in May, but the Supreme Court also ruled it had no authority to judge the case considering the defendants’ statute. So, the file was sent to the Bucharest Court of Appeal.

Attending the court’s hearing on Wednesday, Elena Udrea said that the file must get back to the DNA, for the indictment has been “wrongly” conducted by the prosecutors, and the deeds she is charged with would barely come under as contravention.

I feel I am aggrieved when I see the general picture. Everybody has made electoral campaigns. I was not head of campaign. If we want to probe into how a campaign is financed, let’s investigate everybody, not just Elena Udrea. In my case, law experts also say that the law 344 on political party financing is enforceable, which stipulates we are dealing with a contravention, not a crime. The law 344 stipulates a fine for the political party and for the treasurer, not a criminal charge against me (…) Money is asked in a campaign. I didn’t ask for it. Politicians are going to businessmen and ask them to finance their electoral campaign or party. It’s no crime. The prosecutors have made such a bad indictment that they have puzzled everyone. Wanting to charge me with criminal deeds, they have made an indictment so that the judges don’t know who could judge the file anymore. The hurry was huge. To also have Ioana Basescu charged. Now we see how my cases have been made, with pressures, threats,” Udrea argued.

On May 24, former minister and MP Elena Udrea, Ioana Basescu, ex-presidetn Basescu’s daughter and journalist Dan Andronic have been indicted by National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors in the file regarding the funding of the election campaign in 2009.

On Tuesday, the court ruled to wave judicial control against former president Basescu’s daughter, Ioana Basescu.

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