The first anti-Covid vaccination centre in a Romania market: for every vaccinated people, a free portion of ‘mici’

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In an attempt to convince people to get vaccinated against Covid-19, the District 2 mayor has kicked off a less usual vaccination raising awareness campaign, by opening a mobile vaccination centre in the famous Obor Market, in District 2 of the Capital. The people who come there to take the anti-Covid jab will be “rewarded” with a free portion of “mici with everything and a refreshment “, reads an announcement by district 2 mayor Radu Mihaiu.

Thank you, Times New Roman (a satire publication), your humour is contagious“, the mayor posted on Facebook, referring to an article on TNR entitled “Way to go! The government is launching the campaign <Mici, beer and Pfizer> countrywide”.

“As things came together, our famous fair full of history, Obor, will be a new  eye-catcher: vaccine with ‘mici’ with mustard. It’s serious, no joke. For some time, the two deputy mayors have started the preparations to open a vaccination centre in this location, which is probably “the most visited” by Bucharesters.

The aimed goal is to enable all social categories for immunisation. To the everyone’s surprise, the owners of the recipe of the famous “Obor mici” will endorse the vaccination campaign” for every person vaccinated, a free portion of mici with everything and a refreshment”, said Radu Mihaiu.

“The Obor Caravan”, a new mobile vaccination centre is inaugurated today, with citizens being able to get vaccinated with Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson jabs.

The opening hours: Friday and Saturday (June 11 and June 12) from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The mayor explained later on that the city hall is paying no money for this campaign, as it is “the total and voluntary initiative of Obor Terrace.”

A month ago, Health minister Ioana Mihaila said that there no discussion at this point about offering financial incentives granted to people in order to take the anti-Covid jab.


However, some countries have actually enforced these incentives for the vaccination against the coronavirus, in some US states being offered money, beer or even marijuana joints for that. Serbia for instance gave money, EUR 25, for everyone who got vaccinated in May.

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