The first app on the sea and weather status on the Romanian Black Sea shore

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The first application meant to warn if there are big waves on the seaside has been launched in Constanta on Friday. The mobile app is providing information about weather or about the seawater and is available for now only on the beaches of Constanta and Mamaia.

It is practically a helpful tool for the lifeguards, as it warns tourists on the critical situations in the area, if there is any yellow or red flag flying to warn over big waves, but also if there are any danger situation regarding the tourists’ safety.

Constanta Lifeguard Service said the application, named Sea Status, is very useful, as tourists will be informed in no time about the risks in the sea or about swimming bans. People can also call 112 to ask for the intervention of lifeguards, SMURD paramedics or divers.

The app is also warning tourists about the weather on the sea shore, about the air temperature, the speed and direction of the wind, about the water temperature and the wave height, and it contains advice on how to save a person from drowning and a useful guide to watch children on the beach.

Sea Status will be operational on all beaches of the Romanian Black Sea shore as of next year, which are officially under Lifeguard authority.

The app can be downloaded both for Android and also iOS systems.

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