The first county in Romania where the facemask becomes mandatory in open spaces

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Argeș is the first county in Romania where wearing facemasks becomes mandatory in public open spaces. The measure is coming into force as of Wednesday morning, Arges prefect Emanuel Soare has announced. Arges county has doubled the number of COVID-19 cases in the past 2 weeks.

The measure is compulsory in in open air spaces in all localities in the county for all inhabitants where there are more then two people, except for the children below 5yo.

The prefect also said that all private events in the county will have schedule restrictions, up to 22:00hrs during the week and until 23:00hrs during weekends.

Any business operator who doesn’t comply with the law in force will be fined and its business premise will be closed for 14 days”, said the prefect.

Special measures were also taken for the public transportation in Arges. Therefore, a bus will not leave the station unless all passengers have their masks on. Passengers are also not allowed to stand up, but to take their seats in the bus.

Last week, further restrictions were enforced, such as closure of pools and fairs and the programme of the terraces was reduced.

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