The first digital family tree, operational in Romania

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If you live in Transylvania you may find out your ancestors online now, and not through some dusty archives. Researchers from the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca have set up the first digital database of the Transylvanian inhabitants. It has been online and operational for five months now, with 36,000 people being curious to find more about their families so far.

24 historians, data operators, demographers and sociologists have worked almost three years to gather information about the Transylvania’s inhabitants.

The database is covering a period from 1850, when there was the first modern census and 1914, the last year up to when the archives could be studied. There are 378,000 people registered in the database.

According to a programmer involved in this project, the search can be done following four criteria: the person’s first name, his or her last name, location and year. If you know the year when your ancestor allegedly lived, he or she can be easily tracked down.

“This genealogical interface allows users to, let’s say, dig in their private past,” project manager Luminita Dumanescu told Digi24.

The researchers have also created the first register of the historical trades in Romania observing the EU standards.

The online database is available here.

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