The first heart transplant on a child in Romania this year performed in Targu Mures

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A team of doctors from the Cardiac Diseases and Transplant Institute in Targu Mures has performed the first pediatric heart transplant this year, on a 15-year-old patient who received the heart from a 14-year-old donor from Oradea who was brain dead. The surgery lasted for six hours.

According to the institute’s manager, Klara Brinzaniuc, this is the third heart transplant performed this year, but the first on a child. She said the 15yo patient has been on the waiting list for more than a year.

The manager explained that to perform such heart transplants there are two major needs.

First, we must as many co nationals as possible to have the same understanding, reason and generosity as the donors’ family that helped us with this transplant and second, we must have a consistent financing for our center and our professional doctors here,” professor doctor Klara Brînzaniuc said.

She revealed children had always been on the waiting list at the Targu Mures heart institute and that heart transplants on children are the most difficult to perform due to the morphology of their cardiovascular system, to the size of the heart and a morphological compatibility between receiver and donor is always hard to achieve.

The intervention lasted 6 hours and the team that performed the surgery was led by doctor Horaţiu Suciu, the head of the Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic within the Institute.

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