The first hospital built from private donations featured in The Guardian

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The first hospital exclusively built from private donations through Carmen Uscatu’s and Oana Gheorghiu’s “Daruieste Viata” NGO has featured in The Guardian, in an article that praises the two social activists’ initiative, a first in Romania.

The report, entitled “The EUR 30m hospital built by 300,000 people”, says that this healthcare facility was born from a desperate need for an efficient health infrastructure and has grown as a symbol of the Romanian frustration with successive governments”.

A short drive from downtown Bucharest, an eight-storey hospital is rapidly taking shape. The building, which will open in early 2021, is more than just a healthcare facility. It is a symbol of Romanian frustration with successive governments and a growing realisation that maybe citizens need to find their own solutions to the country’s problems.”

The initiative started in 2015, with over 300,000 people and more than 4,000 private companies having donated so far over EUR 30 million to build the first hospital for children suffering of cancer.

Built on the grounds of  Marie Curie Hospital for Children in Bucharest, the paediatric oncology wing will cover 12,000 sq metres, with a floor dedicated to intensive care, six operating rooms and about 160 beds. Construction started in June 2018.

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