The first Romanian blog giving tips and analysis on alcoholic beverages

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Casian Popa from Cluj created an unusual blog, the first website that ‘teaches you how to drink smart.’

The blog includes video materials offering reviews, analysis and helpful tips to those who are drinking but also to those who ‘love pub culture’.

The blog called ‘snoblesse’ is structured around four types of beverage: wine, beer, whisky and brandy. He launched the site based on consumers’ recommendations and thinks to grow depending on the dynamic of the Romanian market and on the feedback he receives.

Best tips are presented in a simple, direct and funny approach and refer to possible gifts, handling the glasses and serving drinks not only in restaurants but at home.

‘I began this project after I noticed that Romanian consumer’s rights are constantly violated due to their lack of information and thus producers are cashing in on this gap. Romanian customers used to get information online, on foreign blogs and youtube channels’, said Casian Popa.

Casian Popa and his team intend to test most of beverages on the market, offering consumers useful and complete benchmarks that will help them to better evaluate the products they buy.

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