The first six upgraded F-16s will arrive in Romania by end-September

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The first six F-16s aircraft purchased from Portugal will arrive in the country later this month. The aircraft have been upgraded, have new engines and were painted in several shades of gray, informs.

The first images of the F-16s painted in the colours chosen by the Romanian Air Forces were filmed by an amateur in Monte Real Air Base 5 in Portugal.

The F-16s have had their engines changed and went through a process of modernization, called mid-life upgrade – improvements at the mid-cycle of operations.

The Romanian pilots that will operate the F-16s were trained by the Portuguese specialists. After two years of training at the basis of Monte Real, our air forces have nine F-16 pilots and 80 engineers and technicians who will handle the maintenance of these aircraft.

Three years ago, Romania decided to buy twelve F-16 aircraft from the Portuguese Air Forces.

The first six F-16s will arrive in Romania in late September. On the other six we arrive early next year. For them, plus for the spare parts and for the training of pilots and technicians, the Army has paid EUR 628 million. However, the Romanian Air Forces still needs at least 36-48 F-16s.

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