The first ‘Statement for environment protection in Romania’ signed


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The first ‘Statement for environment protection in Romania’ was signed on Wednesday by the Environment Minister Gratiela Gavrilescu and the former ministers in the sector.

The 21 page document includes important issues to support the country’s sustainable development and environment protection.

“We are in an important moment and we have lots of decisions to assume in the coming period. The environment means health, clean air and economic development for all of us. (…) We face the problem of dealing with waste. I ask all of you that in the coming period, to try to get involved and explain to the citizens what waste collection and recycling mean. It’s our battle with us. Romanian can boast with having a large share of natural protected areas of about 25%. We need to find out how to develop these areas so that they can be admired by tourists. We should also work on the absorption of European funds,” Minister Gratiela Gavrilescu said.

Among the commitments of the signatories are: the protection of forestry patrimony, improvement of air quality, nature conservation and biodiversity, protection of water resources and using them as renewable resources, as well as conducting educational campaigns aiming at environment protection.

The document also aims at implementing the new Package of Circular Economy issued by the European Commission, as well as at developing sustainable policies and programmes to support Romania’s economic transformation.

The ‘Statement for environment protection in Romania’ was signed by the current Minister of the Environment Gratiela Gravilescu, the current Minister of Waters and Forests, Adriana Petcu, along with other 13 former ministers of environment including Sulfina Barbu, Attila Korodi, Nicolae Nemirschi , Lazlo Borbely, Lucia Varga, Petru Lifigiu and Cristiana Pasca Palmer.

On April 27, 2017, the European Commission sued Romania to the European Court of Justice for failing to review and adopt its national waste management plan and waste prevention programme in line with the objectives of the Framework Directive on Waste (Directive 2008/98/EC) and of the circular economy.

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