The first thermal scanner 100% made in Romania produced by the national defence industry

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The Romanian defence industry has reconfigured during this period to produce equipment needed in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

A 100% Romanian thermal scanner has been developed and produced by the national defence industry, the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business Environment announced.

The product has been named Condor-SR-FS and it can be used to control access to areas transited by a high flows of people, to reduce the time needed to check if a person has fever in airports, subway, border checkpoints, hospitals (triage), public institutions and others.

I hail the involvement of the national defence industry in the necessary effort to prevent and combat  will soon can start to produce masks. Other two companies in the defence industry that are specialized in optics, private company Pro-Optica, and another state-owned one, under the subordination of the Ministry of Economy, namely Intreprinderea Optica Romana – IOR, have joined their efforts to produce a thermal scanner,” said Virgil Popescu, the Minister of Economy.

The hundred per cent Romanian product is developed by Pro-Optica, a private company, and manufactured by IOR, a company managed by MEEMA, based on a military certificate issued by the Centre for Medical-Military Scientific Research.

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