The German School of Bucharest to build new premises to accommodate up to 500 students

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The German School of Bucharest (DSBU – Deutsche Schule Bukarest), the only school in Romania that fully follows the German curriculum and is accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany, as well as member of the World Federation of German Schools Abroad, launched a project to build new enlarged premises by 2018, in order to receive a growing number of pupils who wish to enroll.

“DSBU is well known for its high educational standards. Beeing accepted in all German speaking countries, the number of children attending DSBU has been increasing annually by 20%. With new project we aim to meet the continously increasing demand for quality education”, stated Friederike Gribkowsky, Chairman of the Board, DSBU.

As part of the new project, DSBU also launched a fundraising campaign offering the opportunity to contribute in building the school’s new premises. OMV Petrom SA is one of DSBU’s first supporters in this project, having offered over two hectares of land, near the company’s headquarters (Petrom City), in the northern area of Bucharest.

The new building will have over 8,000 sqm, while other school facilities will include an outdoor sports ground of approximately 2,500 sqm and different playgrounds for each academic cycle. The school aims to accommodate up to 500 students in the future, from nursery all the way to high school.

The project has the support of the German, Austrian and Swiss Embassies in Romania and OMV Petrom SA.

Opened in 2007, DSBU – Deutsche Schule Bukarest is a private school, located in the northern area of Bucharest. Currently 150 students are enrolled, primarily of German and Romanian origins.

DSBU includes: nursery, kindergarten, primary school and high school. The school’s learning and teaching process focuses on both creative and practical approach.

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