The impact of social distancing in education: 60% of teachers in Romania acutely feeling the stress prompted by lack of online guidance

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60% of the Romanian 1,100 teachers surveyed in a SuperTeach survey have acutely felt the stress prompted by the social distancing imposed by the current Coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, considering that 88% of those who continued to teach online classes, over 75 pc of them have received no help or guidance form the local authorities or from the school board on the working methods on online teaching or on the online platforms that they were supposed to use during the state of emergency period.

Therefore, over 60% of the surveyed teachers are using the platforms they consider proper both to adjust their objects to the online and also for communicating with their students. For this to happen though, what it mostly counted was the teachers’ power and openness to the new technologies on one hand, and on the other hand the logistics barriers (the necessity to take care of their own families during all this time, the lack of access on Internet, etc).

Teachers have also voiced their concern over the difficulties the children are facing in accessing the Internet and the technology. Only 32% of the respondents said they had registered an attendance of over 75% at their online courses.

“The sudden need to adopt the technology, taking into account that there is no unique solution recommended for all teachers, while they had to find solutions through their own resources, is considered by the respondents as confusing, both for them and also for children”, said Adina Nica, research and strategy adviser of Open-I Research.

As a proof, 32% of the teachers are afraid of the fact that pupils don’t want to attend online courses, while 17% are concerned they cannot organise and monitor their activity efficiently, as 27% of them say they manage to cover over 75% of the curriculum, while other 30% have covered from 25% to 50% of the curriculum.

SuperTeach have thus launched a series of workshops on digital skills to help teachers find more efficient and faster solutions. The first webinars will take place this week, and they will be available free of charge on a dedicated platform as of May.

  • April 14 – webinar ”Crisis lessons to use in the classroom”, performed by Oana Moraru, founder of Helikon school;
  • April 15 – webinar ”Theory of self-determination and those 3 psychological basic needs” by Urania Cremene, parenting trainer and coach;
  •  April 16 – webinar performed by Priest Constantin Necula, university lecturer at “St. Andrei Saguna” Theology  Faculty in Sibiu.

The answers of the teachers in the SuperTeach community showed us this period has had an emotional impact on them, but that they do not want to halt education. No less than 78% of them think that a digitalisation evolution is needed in their field. They came out of their comfort zone, but they also need guidance, support and inspiration”, said Felix Tătaru, co-founder SuperTeach.

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