The judge of ‘Colectiv’ file retires. The lawsuit could resume from scratch

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The judge of ‘Colectiv’ file, Valeriu Terceanu, has retired, with President Klaus Iohannis signing the decree on his release from office on Friday, the Presidential Administration informs.

Thus the trial could be resumed from scratch, informs.

On July 24, the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) plenum unanimously approved the application for retirement filed by Valeriu Mihail Terceanu.

Given that the judge’s request for retirement has been unanimously approved by the CSM, the file will be taken over by another magistrate, who will most likely have to resume all procedures conducted so far by Valeriu Mihail Terceanu.

Questioned on Tuesday what would happen to the ‘Colectiv’ file given that the judge retires, the president of the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ), Cristina Tarcea, declared that it is up to the court to make the decision.

The next court hearing in the file, to be judged at the Bucharest Court, was set for September 10.

The representatives of the victims of the ‘Colectiv’ conflagration have repeatedly accused the delay of the file. Eugen Iancu, the president of the Collective Association, said that by the end of this year nothing will happen in the ‘Colectiv’ lawsuit.

The Chairman of the ‘Colectiv’ Association is of the opinion that delays are intentional, and the investigation is ongoing very slowly.

Prosecutors with the Prosecutor General’s Office filed a lawsuit in the ‘Colective’ file on April 28, 2016. The owners of the night club, George Alin Anastasescu, Paul Catalin Gancea and Costin Mincu, are accused of manslaughter and bodily injuries. The investigations have been extended to the representatives of the fireworks company, Golden Ideas Fireworks.

On January 15, 2018, the judges of the Bucharest Court decided to bring the case before that court together with that of the Military Court file, in which two Emergency Situations Inspectorate (ISU) employees, Antonina Radu and George Petrică Matei, were investigated for abuse of office.

The same case is also included the former Mayor of District 4, Cristian Popescu Piedone.

Viorel Zaharia, the company’s shot-firer, is accused of manslaughter and bodily injury while the owners Cristian Niţă and Daniela Niţă are charged with favouring the perpetrator and removing or destroying evidence or inscriptions.

SC Colectiv Club SRL and SC Golden Ideas Fireworks Artists SRL are charged in the file with aggravated manslaughter, resulting in the death of several persons and bodily harm in aggravated form, resulting in injuries to several people.

The ‘Colectiv’ nightclub conflagration claimed 64 lives and left more than 140 injured.

The Colectiv club was located on 7, Tabacarilor Street in District 4 in the Capital. A fire burst on the night of October 30, 2015 during a concert performed by “Goodbye to Gravity” band. The local rock band was launching their latest album. The fire was caused by some fireworks scheduled in the show and has rapidly expanded due to the inflammable material of the club’s walls. The numerous people attending the show practically crowded to get out of the club, but many remained trapped inside and burnt to death. There were hundreds of people in there and only one exit way. Moreover, there were several fire extinguishers that were out of service. Four of the band’s members died in the fire, whereas the vocalist was severely injured.

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